The company was founded in the early 1980s as a producer of Mediterranean plants in pots. After a few year experience we had the desire to specialize ourselves in order to serve a broader and more demanding market and that in terms of potential and growth would have given our business more visibility.

The choice of which plant to choose wasn't difficult as we easily considered the Oleander (Nerium Oleander), a typical Mediterranean plant that covers every corner of our environment with its abundant and colorful blooms from the beginning of May until late September.

The delicate work of research thus began in order to select the varieties which could better respond to the cultivation of these species as an ornamental plant in a vase.

The focus is on those varieties, formed of either simple or double flowers that were chosen for some of their characteristics such as: resistance to disease, resistance to cold, strength of the crown and not least, the precocity of spring blooming.

As a result, towards the end of the 1980s our production consisted of a wide range of types, both the bush types to the sapling, which range from a diameter Ø 10 pot up to diameter Ø 60 pot.

Our products are aimed at wholesalers and garden centers, but also to plant and flower shops.

Our visibility has been gradually increasing in all European countries due to our presence in some specialized trade fairs and through brokers, who always keep the vital link between producer and consumer.

Today our production covers an area about 20 hectares, of which three are covered.

It is still our intention to cover more areas with cool-houses in order to guarantee a product that can enter the market with a good early flowering and last for a longer period of time.

the company can produce about 1,000,000 saleable plants, guaranteeing a wide range of choice, together witc a careful selection made at the time of shipment.

Another step forward was made with the MPS agency certification, an internationally recognized brand which follows our work aiming towards an environmentally sustainable production, trying to direct our choice towards environmentally friendly products, stramlining the consumption of water an enery, and recycling in an appropriate manner all waste materials.

Over thirty years have passed and we have maintained our passion for this job, every day we offer our experience and all the love that this activity needs to our clients.

In January 2020, the company obtained the global gap floriculture - grasp certification. This important milestone allows the end customer to 100% protect itself both for the quality of the product offered and for the path taken to get to this product, in fact the global gap certifies that the company works in protection and respect as regards all good production practices, and the grasp also ensures total respect for both internal and external operators.