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Varieties of simple and double flowers that have distinguished themselves for their resistance to disease, cold climate, the robustness of the plant itself and more importantly for its precocity of spring blooming.


20 hectares, over 11 colours, the company produces about 1,000,000 Nerium Oleander plants produced mostly as the bush type which is the most requested type and also some types of sapling for ornamental purposes.


Wholesale only. The key partners in our market are the EU countries: Italy, France, Germany, Holland and the emerging countries of Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean basin.


The company is always present in the most important fairs of the sector and by means of the Internet and new pourpose-built applications offers customers a variety of systems and services to access the information evn from a distance.

The Company

20 hectares dedicated to the production of Nerium Oleander in pot.

Our production takes place in a closed cycle, starting from the roots (3,000,000 rooted scion for season), up to the marketing of the plant. Uniformity and quality are at the highest level and this is archieved thanks to the high rate of technology that the nursery is equipped with.

  What we do

Leader in the production of ornamental potted Oleanders. Upon request, we are able to provide the pot to match the colour of the flowers.

  Why choose us

1,000,000 plants available, a wide range of choice, careful research and selection, M.P.S. agency certification for environmentally sustainable production, both types of plant from bush to sapling, from a diameter of Ø 10 pots up to diameter of Ø 60.

  Where tofind us

Our company is located in Sicily overlooking the breathtaking of the Aeolian Islands and thanks to the sun and the mild climate, the Oleander is always in its natural habitat.

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